Julie really got me thinking and helped me reflect on my own goals and actions, especially pertinent to my life and business plan. As a consequence, my vision of my future is clearer and closer. Thank you, Julie, for your time, effort and professionalism. You are a great coach.
— Robert, Business Owner
Coaching with Julie has had a massive impact and helped me stride forward in order to achieve a goal that has remained stagnant for too many years.
— Viv, Product Developer
Julie has been a fantastic coach. Her questions and style made me realise what the blockers were to the issues I wanted to address. I always felt extremely motivated after each session and very positive and I definitely feel that Julie has enabled me to move past these issues and move forward for which I’m very grateful.
— Tana, Director
I worked with Julie for 7 sessions and I was surprised by the impact the coaching had and the progress I made in such a short space of time.
— Sarah, Business Founder