Four Career Hacks to Consider this Summer

I’m sure I’m the millionth person who you’ve tediously heard say this recently, but seriously, where has the year gone?  As each year seems to whizz by at record speed, it can be easy for career goals and intentions to go awry and for us even to know what these actually are.

With sunnier weather (although as I write this it’s chucking it down), light nights, a quieter office and a seat on the tube, this time of year can be the perfect time to pause, reflect and reset. Here’s some hacks which can begin to help you relax and get back on track.

Get a Hobby
Various studies have shown that shifting our focus from work towards something more creative and enjoyable can be pretty soothing and rewarding. This distraction technique may give our brain a much needed rest from work and is said to reduce stress and increase productivity. What hobbies have you always liked the thought of pursuing? If you worry about not having enough time, determine how much time you’ll need and what you could do to free this time up.

Eat and Sleep Well
For many of us, we naturally check emails and social media on our phones whilst climbing into bed. It doesn’t take a genius to tell us that this isn’t conducive to a good nights sleep given that our mind is so active when we’re trying to wind down. So much research has shown that getting enough sleep is paramount to feeling healthy and productive. Also, if we’re tired, we’re more likely to eat rubbish and if we’re not eating the right foods and/or eating late, this will impact our sleep! It’s not the 1980s - sleep is certainly not for wimps and so listen to your body and make sure you get enough quality shut eye.    

Keep a Gratitude Diary
Recent studies have found that the feeling of gratitude immediately and positively effects the parts of the brain which controls our emotions, such as stress. Feeling grateful can create a more relaxed body state, lowering stress levels and helping you think more clearly. Create a habit of writing down 3 things each day which you’re grateful for, no matter how small, to start to keep your energy and focus positive and clear.

Take Small Steps
It can be all too common to write off or shelve goals we’ve not made progress with, often berating ourselves in the process. Goals may have derailed, or not even got going, because we’ve procrastinated to avoid the pain of stepping out of our comfort zone for instant short- term gratification. Whilst you’re sat on the tube / the beach or stood in the queue in Pret, start to consider your goals and ask yourself what the first step is to get you moving. Darren Hardy, author of the Compound Effect talks about consistent and persistent small and seemingly insignificant steps leading to big results. If confidence is holding you back, the only way to become more confident is to take action. For example, you can only become a confident driver by learning to drive, which first involves sitting in a stationary car being shown what everything is. What 2 small steps will you start doing from today to begin to move you towards your goal?

Julie Greaves is a coach and HR professional who helps professional women have the life and career they truly desire. Please don’t hesitate to email to see how Julie can help you. 

Julie Greaves